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CERMAX ME300BF Manufactured by Excelitas for Use with Pentax EPK-I-5010. We offer Warranty of 500 Hrs for this Lamps


We also Offer alternative lamp in LUXTEL LLC, USA. 


OEM Cermax Y1911 with Hole available on request.  Mail Us: for pricing

Excelitas CERMAX ME300BF

SKU: 10008
  • Variety Lighting Equipments offers the ME300BF Cermax  300W 13.5V Xenon lamp from Excelitas which is used with Smith & Nephew 500XL Light Source and Leica M525 F50 Surgical Microscope.

    The ME300BF is part of the Cermax VQ products high-precision parabolic line and has a colour temperature of 6000K with optimum operating temperature of between 100°C and 130°C.  Longer lamp lifetime, easy replacement, improved lamp to lamp consistency and significant reduction in audible cooling noise for an ultra quiet illumination system is achieved by the patented VQ design.

    We have a dedicated medical and scientific department for all your enquiries, please contact us.

    Call us at  Sales on + 91 9902039500 or email 

  • This lamp should have burn in Period of 20-28Hrs prior to use to ensure the Life of the Lamp. This lamp is covered by Manufacturer Warranty for 500Hrs subject to the above being followed by Customer

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