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The Cermax® Xenon lamp, Model PE150AF, has an integrated parabolic reflector, enabling high-intensity, focused light output. Due to the Xenon lamp’s broad color spectrum, the lamp is filtered to emit ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light, depending upon application and usage. With their internal reflector and rugged ceramic body construction, Cermax® Xenon lamps are the safest and most compact alternative to conventional quartz xenon lamps. Cermax® lamps are ideal for applications that require a high degree of illumination control.

Excelitas CERMAX PE150AF

SKU: 10010
  • Key Features

    High-intensity illumination—1350 Lumens

    Compact size

    Power range of 100-150 Watts

    1000 hours lamp lifetime

    Broad spectral range with 5900o Kelvin color temperature



    Medical fiber optic illuminators

    Industrial fiber optic illuminators

    Machine vision

    Infrared and visible spotlights/beacons



    UV Curing

    Video projection

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