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NARVA 6123 45W 6.6A Bipin Airfield lamp ( Old PHILIPS 6123). This item replaces OSRAM 64321 45W 6.6A lamp


Mainly used in Approach lights Threshold lights Runway lights Taxiway lights Obstruction lights.

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Product Specifications


Brand      Narva

Watt        45W

Amp        6.6A

Base       G6.35

Origin      Germany

Filament   C-8

Life          1500h

Lumen     840lm

Diameter  13mm

OAL         47mm

LCL          33mm

Prod. type  Halogen Bi-Pin



NARVA 6123 45W G6.35 Bipin Airfield lamp( Equiv. to OSRAM 64321)

SKU: 10057
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