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NARVA 6373 6.6A 200W Bipin airfield lamp ( Old PHILIPS 6373). This lamp replaces OSRAM 64386 6.6A 200W.  Mainly used in Lighting fixtures for Approach lights, Threshold lights,  Runway lights, Taxiway lights, Obstruction lights.


Product description:: Halogen Airfield Lamp with Bi-pin base


high and constant lumen output, long lifetime, small size


Approach lights, Threshold lights,  Runway lights,  Taxiway lights, Obstruction lights


This item replaces.

OSRAM 64386

PHILIPS 6373( PHILIPS airfield lamps is now NARVA)

NARVA 6373 200W G6.35 Bipin Airfield lamp- (Equiv. to OSRAM 64386)

SKU: 10058
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