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The Osram 64251 Halogen Bulb is sometimes referred to as "HLX 64251." The HLX identifies lamps that employ XENOPHOT technology, an innovation first introduced by OSRAM. In XENOPHOT lamps, kryptonthe normal fill gas used in halogen lampsis replaced with xenon gas. The xenon reduces the rate of tungsten vaporization and allows for a higher filament temperature. Depending on the application, XENOPHOT can either improve luminous efficacy or can extend the lamps service life.

Osram Sylvania HLX 64251 Specifications:
- Mfg. Ordering Code: 54021
- Wattage: 20 Watt
- Voltage: 6 Volt
- Base: PG22 Pre-Focused 2 Pin
- Shape: T9
- Overall Length (mm/"): 40MM
- Type: Halogen
- Burning Position: Universal
- Average Life (hrs): 100 Hour

OSRAM 64251 HLX 6V 20W PG22

SKU: 10034
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