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The Osram 64610 Halogen Bulb is sometimes referred to as "HLX 64610." 

Osram HLX 64610 (BRL) Specifications:
- Mfg. Ordering Code: 54249
- Wattage: 50 Watt

- Voltage: 12 Volt 
- Base Type: G6.35 
- Shape Type: T3.5 
- Average Life: 50 Hours 

Primary Applications: Microscope, Scientific, Medical, and Dental

Other Known Codes: Leitz 500-182, Nikon 76516, Nikon 78671, Olympus 8C407, Olympus 8C-407, Wild, Ophthalmic Fundus Camera for Canon / Nikon, Perimeter Camera for Interzeag, Mueller Topcon, Retinal Camera for Kowa, Slit Lamp for Woodlyn, Swift MA784, Philips 7027, ZB-64610, LL-BRL, LL-64610, ZB-BRL, Lytequest Shimmer, Lytequest Spark, FU-2852, ZB-64610, Spark, Odyssey Gator 2, BLV 140010, Japan Code JC12V-50W, OSRAM 64610, Thorn Code A1/220, Zeiss 3800-79-9950, Sylvania BRL, Ushio BRL, OSI BRL, GE BRL, General Electric BRL, Halogen Bi-Pin Microscope Bulb

OSRAM 64610 12v 50w G6.35 BRL (Qty 10 pcs)

SKU: 10020
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