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The Osram 64634 HLX is a 150W 15V MR16 lamp with a GZ6.35 base, Primary Applications: Microscope, Scientific, Medical, and Dental Applications


Product features 
• Xenon instead of krypton as the filler gas (XENOPHOT HLX versions)
• Luminous flux up to 10 % higher with same power consumption (XENOPHOT HLX versions)


Osram 64634 (EFR) Specifications:( Replaces Philips 6423 15v 150w)
- Mfg. Ordering Code: 54210
- ANSI Code: EFR
- Wattage: 150 Watt 
- Voltage: 15 Volt 
- Bulb Base: GZ6.35 
- Shape: MR16 Reflector 
- Type: Halogen with Reflector
- Type of Current: AC 
- Working Distance: 1.260(in) 
- Working Distance: 32(mm) 
- Average Life Hours: 50 Hours

OSRAM EFR 64634 15V 150W GZ6.35

SKU: 10032
  • Other Known Codes: EFR, 64634, 6423 FO, Bosworth 92102 Superlight, Coe-Light 4070110, Healthco HCOB400711VCL Illumination Wand HO, Kulzer 2045 Translux EC & II, Litema Pluraflex HL150, Marco OM 2020, Vivident 7110 Heliomat H10, Olympus 8S401, Volpi 10001-111, Wild/Leitz 997-053, Zeiss 31-01-98, Philips 6423, GE EFR, Ushio EFR, Kondo EFR, Sylvania EFR

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