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TL-D/08 Blacklight Blue lamps are low-pressure mercury-vapor fluorescent lamps. They have an inner envelope coated with a fluorescent powder that emits long-wave UV radiation to excite luminescence.



General Information


G13  [ Medium Bi-Pin Fluorescent]

Main Application

Blacklight Blue

Life to 50% Failures (Nom)

15000 h

Useful Life (Nom)

12000 h

Light Technical

Color Code

108  [ 08 lead free glass]

Color Designation

Blacklight Blue

LLMF 2000 h Rated

10 %

LLMF 6000 h Rated

15 %

Operating and Electrical

Power (Rated) (Nom)

36 W

Lamp Current (Nom)

0.44 A

Voltage (Nom)

103 V

Approval and Application

Mercury (Hg) Content (Nom)

5.0 mg



0.2 %

UV-A Radiation 100Hr (IEC)

9.5 W

Product Data

Full product code


Order product name

TL-D 36W BLB 1SL/25

EAN/UPC - Product


Order code


Numerator - Quantity Per Pack


PHILIPS TL-D 36W BLB Black Light Blue UV lamps

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